Friday, July 13, 2012



1.There a number of free sites and paid sites to start a blog,you can use blogger, word press,note pad,joomla,drupal or any other which ever you prefer.

2.Starting a blog is not a difficult thing since you are free to write on any topic that you like,you can write about your favorite games,movies,or anything you like,but you should be wise on choosing the phrase, example if you are writing about money you should consider choosing a phrase that most people search for on the net so as to attract as much traffic as possible.for you to earn more,the more traffic your blog gets the the more money you will make.example if you want to write on a topic about money. conduct a research and find out which phrase is mostly searched can be something like how to make money online, or something like part time jobs to earn me some extra money.

3.After choosing the topic you should think about the content that you want to write about,because blogs that contain useful information will defiantly sell its self and make a lot of money.

4.Key words also matter a lot, focus more on the key words that you have chosen, this will deter main where your content will be placed on search engines, if you want to rank high on search engines that is one of the tricks and you will be able to make money easily.

5.Every blog must be indexed in order for them to appear in search engines,getting your blog to be indexed might seem a little bit hard for a first time blogger but trust me it is not difficult, you can get indexed within 24hours to 48 hours.

6.When your blog is complete and indexed you can now be free to monetize it and start  making money from your sites traffic. you may use this site to submit your blog for it to be submitted to several search engines in order to have your site indexed faster.
7.Don't forget to update your blog for it to get more and more interesting for your subscribers.

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