There are several different ways you can use the internet to bring in a little extra cash. Whether it is through a personal blog, freelance online writing, an online retail business or an online consulting business, your personal computer has the potential to supplement your regular income.
Making money online is a practice that presents endless opportunities for literally everyone. From college students, to stay-at-home moms, to retirees, if you are looking for a way to work on your own project with little to no start-up costs, the internet is where it is at.
Almost anyone can easily make a few extra hundred bucks online every month. In today’s economy, even just an extra $100 per month can make the difference between paying the bills and draining your savings, and you can make that difference by making money online. Instead of reviewing additional online project ideas, let’s take a look at some of the everyday expenses you can fund with your internet project.
1.      The groceries: The average family spends about $800 per month on groceries. Although you may not pull in that much income from you small online business or blog, you most certainly can help reduce the out-of-pocket costs of this monthly necessity.

2.      Gas: Gas prices just keep rising, but our regular incomes aren’t. How can you cover the costs? By making a little extra cash online, that’s how!

3.      Cable, internet, telephone and electric bills: Gas isn’t the only commodity that is rising in cost. Cable, internet, telephone and electricity providers are slyly raising prices, too, and the only way to continue paying for these services is to find a way to supplement your income (which is likely not rising).

4.      Car payment: You may have been given a great interest rate on your car loan, but that doesn’t mean that your car payment is cheap. Make an extra $300 online every month and you will be able to cover the entire cost of your car payment. You may even be able to pay the loan off early.

5.      Wedding: Save the extra money you make online to pay for this major life event. It usually takes a year or longer to plan a wedding, so you will have plenty of time to reserve cash for the event after your engagement.

6.      Vacation: Plan your next vacation a year out and save your extra internet income to pay for a dream trip to Fiji or Alaska or wherever your little heart desires.

7.      Retirement account: Needing a little extra cushion in your retirement savings? Even just a few extra hundred dollars in your investment accounts per month will help you gain a greater return for an easier life after retirement.

8.      College savings: Many families aren’t saving enough money every month to cover the cost of their kids’ college education. Tuition costs are steadily rising every year, so even though you think you may be saving the right amount, you probably aren’t. Use the money you make online to save a little extra every month for your child’s future.
Funding life isn’t always easy, but with a little extra help from an online project, you just may be able to do the things you couldn’t do with only one income source. Best of luck with your making money online ventures!

Katheryn Rivas in an education writer who is interested in researching the opportunities an online university can provide college students. She encourages your questions and comments at

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