Make Money Online: Making Your Blog Your Business

Running a successful blog is in many ways like running a business. You have to put your heart and soul into if you want to make money. You have to spend every spare moment you have working on it, and you constantly have to worry about the return on all the investments you make for your blog. Like a business owner, a blogger's revenue mostly depends on his or her commitment to blogging. If you're fully committed to blogging, try out these six steps to help you make money online as a blogger and maybe even earn a living:

1. Blog often

The more blog posts you write, the easier it will be for people to find your content on search engines like Google. Think about it. Every article you write is another chance for your content to rank in the SERPs.

2. Blog thoughtfully

People visit and regularly read blogs that have thoughtful, well-written content. If you rush to write as many blog posts as you possibly can, and don't put much thought into what you're writing about, you can't expect to make much money blogging. 

3. Use SEO techniques

Picking a small number of relevant keywords to use in each of your articles will help your articles rank better on Google. Additionally, forming relationships with other bloggers and getting links to your blog from them will increase your online visibility and search engine ranking. 

4. Start monetizing when you're attracting enough traffic

Making the effort to monetize your blog usually isn't worth it until you're attracting over 1,000 visitors a day. If you're attracting less than 1,000 visitors a day, keep on working on building your content and working on the SEO of your blog. Once 1,000 or more visitors come to your blog per day, it's a good time to actively start trying to make money.

5. Try out ads first

Try out AdSense, Chitika, and other similar sites that will help you generate revenue when people click on your ads. If you have a good amount of traffic coming to go your blog, you'll be able to make money off ads. Just keep in mind that the more traffic you boast, the more money you'll make. So, keep your content quality high, and keep on attracting more visitors.

6. Generate additional income with affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, you get a pretty big cut of whatever a business makes when someone is referred from your blog to their site and buys something. Try out Amazon Affiliates and other affiliate programs from companies like Best Buy and Walmart. You can increase the amount of money you make through affiliate marketing by writing product reviews and linking to those products with affiliate links.
Making money online as a blogger takes time, effort, and commitment. Follow the steps above, create great content, and be patient!

Carol Wilson is a successful blogger and freelance writer who frequently writes for and other top business sites. When she's not writing, Carol enjoys kayaking and investing in stocks. Please feel free to contact her at if you have any questions or comments.

Guest Post by Carol Wilson.