Wednesday, July 25, 2012


1.Submit your site to Google webmaster tools.

2.Add your site link to social booking sites,like Facebook,Twitter, delicious,you can even start a page on Facebook.

3.Link your site to sites that are already indexed, and ones that are relevant to your site.

4.Submit your site to other search engines. and especially the major ones like Bing, Yahoo,MSN.

5.Use Ping o matic tool to inform Google that a new post has been created.


Here you will find all sorts of questions that need to be answered, you can try and answer those questions in the category that your site falls into appropriately, at the end you add the link to your site, this will help boost traffic to your site.

 Interview the big and famous bloggers in your niche on your blog, most likely they will link back to your blog and you will have build traffic to your site for you to make big money.

If any one comments on your blog you should try and reply early within 24hrs or as early as possible such a person may subscribe to your blog and many more others, this also will help build traffic.

Submit your site to several such engines and make more money as your site builds more traffic

 Submit your site to several such engines, especially the major ones, like Google, Bing, Yahoo,MSN.  

Keywords are vital in order for you to improve your search engine rankings, be wise in choosing your key words.

 When you provide good content to your blog you will automatically have traffic to your site, readers will refer other readers to your blog

 This one of the best way to get automatic traffic to your blog.

 Get your blog listed on yahoo directory.

 Exchange links with other bloggers who have a good reputation.

 Hold events on your blog and invite people to participate.

 Connect to the famous bloggers in your niche, and ask if you can create a guest post on their blog.

Update your blog every now and then with new things.

 Use this tool to make search engines aware that a new content has been created, every time you you update your content.

Friday, July 13, 2012



1.There a number of free sites and paid sites to start a blog,you can use blogger, word press,note pad,joomla,drupal or any other which ever you prefer.

2.Starting a blog is not a difficult thing since you are free to write on any topic that you like,you can write about your favorite games,movies,or anything you like,but you should be wise on choosing the phrase, example if you are writing about money you should consider choosing a phrase that most people search for on the net so as to attract as much traffic as possible.for you to earn more,the more traffic your blog gets the the more money you will make.example if you want to write on a topic about money. conduct a research and find out which phrase is mostly searched can be something like how to make money online, or something like part time jobs to earn me some extra money.

3.After choosing the topic you should think about the content that you want to write about,because blogs that contain useful information will defiantly sell its self and make a lot of money.

4.Key words also matter a lot, focus more on the key words that you have chosen, this will deter main where your content will be placed on search engines, if you want to rank high on search engines that is one of the tricks and you will be able to make money easily.

5.Every blog must be indexed in order for them to appear in search engines,getting your blog to be indexed might seem a little bit hard for a first time blogger but trust me it is not difficult, you can get indexed within 24hours to 48 hours.

6.When your blog is complete and indexed you can now be free to monetize it and start  making money from your sites traffic. you may use this site to submit your blog for it to be submitted to several search engines in order to have your site indexed faster.
7.Don't forget to update your blog for it to get more and more interesting for your subscribers.


1.Writing eBooks on subjects that you know and selling them  online. this is easy because you are writing on a subject that you know and one that interests bank allows you to sell your products,the  money you earn is shared with affiliate marketers of your products.

2.Participating in online surveys, there are companies hiring people to participate in online surveys but you should be aware of the scammers don’t pay money to people if you are not sure. I recommend  taking surveys that do not need you to pay and instead you should be the one to get is one of them, cash crate is another and its free to join, join and make money online.

3. Building websites for businesses. there are businesses that need websites but they do not know where to begin you can find such and build a website for them.

4. Become an internet marketer there are many organizations on the internet that need affiliates you can choose to become one. When choosing, look for one that pays a good commission rate. You can even choose to become an affiliate to several organizations which will in turn earn you much more if you do it the right way.join social networks online and share your affiliate links to maximize your revenue.

5.Writing a blog and opening a Google adsence account, if you can write great content and attract people with it you will have build high traffic which is good because, the higher the traffic the great your chance of earning a lot more.

6.Get paid to do what you love doing, you can browse and get paid to do so with paid to click ads find one on Google and start making money now.

7.You can sell out your old items on eBay, Craigslist or Amazon no mater how old the item is, Anyone can decide to buy it.

8.Share pictures,videos or blog on and earn 100% revenue generated from Google ads.

9.Make money discussing aspects of webdesign on

10.Contribute 10 posts to this internet marketing site www.internet and make money .

11.Join yahoo publishing network online become a publisher make money.

12.Submit health, food, fitness related articles to make money online if you get accepted.

13.Submit your article on review me and make money with your content. pays you for every post an advertiser asks you to post.

15.Answer questions on and make money online.

Monday, July 9, 2012


1.Renting out your space to traveler e.g. just a room or the entire apartment , this is a nice way to make some extra money and it can even pay your rent. There are several sites like 

2.Writing eBooks on subjects that you know and selling them online make money at the comfort of your home.

3.Start your own outside catering company, this is a very simple bussiness, and you can start it with very little capital you can cook from your own kitchen and deliver the is a link to my very own outside catering website Delight Home Caterers.

3.You can become an affiliate of various organizations like Emirates, Virgin Atlantic e.t.c such that when you sell an airline ticket on your website using a link that you will be given you will earn a percentage of the cash.

4.Registering your website or blog on Google adsence wait for approval and start making money as easy as that.

5.You can make money trading in your old or new items on eBay, Craigslist or Amazon. list it on any of the three and make money it could be your old television set, your computer or even your music system.

6.If you are an artist provides a platform for artist to meet and sell their art the delivery, and shipping is done for you.

7.There are rich people out there who are sick and they need Donner's to donate for them parts like the kidneys and in return they pay you some amount of money for compensation.

8.Investing on online organizations for investment for a period of time and make some example of such is JSS tripler.

9.Becoming part of yahoo contributor network and make money online, by writing articles, loading videos and photos.

10.Teaching people different languages. You can do it on Skype. if you know different languages you can start making money on Skype, try it today and earn working for a few hours a day.

11.You can rent out your car to people, become a taxi driver or import second hand vehicles and sell them out at a higher your business online and make a lot of money.

12.Tutoring kids in your neighborhood, kids are all over you cannot miss out on one to tutor and make money.

13.Start a car wash. In your area. or in some muddy area, wash cars and make money quickly.

14.If you are good at baby sitting, do it for someone who is always busy at work you can even start up a baby sitting school. in your area.

15.Start up a Forex exchange bureau trade in foreign currencies and make money.

16.Hire a van to pick kids from school on behalf of their parents.Who might be at work or busy somewhere when kids should be picked.

17.Advertise products for various companies on your website and get  paid.

18.Designing wedding cards business cards for people.this can be a great business because wedding are done throughout the year and are several. if you are good at designing making money will be as easy as ABC.

19.Selling mtumba clothes (second hand clothes). I have a friend who makes a lot of money selling out second hand designer clothes.

20.Renting out your wedding gown to people. if you have already done a wedding, and you still have your wedding gown you can rent it out to others who need it.

21.Bake birthday cakes for kids, parents like holding birthday parties for kids make tasty, fancy cakes e.g a cake designed like a football and you will see every kid will want to have a birthday cake from your bakery.

22.Participating in online surveys, there are companies hiring people to participate in online surveys but you should be aware of the scammers don’t pay money to people if you are not sure. I RECOMMEND taking surveys that do not need you to pay and instead you should be the one to get paid.

23. Become a house agent so that you can help people find houses in exchange for money.

24. Start a health and wellness coaching club.there are several people who would like to live a healthy life but   they don't no how help them out and let them pay you.

25.Open up a laundry services,for those who do not have time to do their laundry they will defiantly bring them to you.

26.Gather models and let fashion designers and designer cloth shops higher them and pay you their share.

27.Hire your camera if you have one make extra money.

28.Become a motel attendant get money at the end of every month working only a few hours, you can even earn more from customers who give you tips.

29.Become a late night, bar attendant make money.

30.start a dog walking business.

31. Build website for small business. there are free sites to help you make money building free websites.

32. fix computers.for people make money.

33.Get paid to do what you love, browse and get paid to do so, on paid to click ads, that's a simple way to make money.

34.Take photos make money on Triond.